About this music label “Force Records”

Music label “(new name) Force Energy Records / (old name) Force Records (Since 2016.11~)” wants to release music that have “Powerful & can feel force of musical power”.

音楽レーベルのForce Energy Recordsは、パワフルで、音楽の力を感じるような曲をリリースしていきたいと思っています。

So, we waiting all genre DEMO track which have “Powerful energy” feeling.


If you have good idea music track for the music label, please send us !


Contact : forceenergyrecords@gmail.com

Twitter :  https://twitter.com/forceenergyrec

About the music release

The “Force Records” will distribute music to

Beatport / iTunes / Junodownload / Spotify / Deezer / Shazam / YouTubeMusic  / Traxsource / etc…

<About this label`s owner>

Label owner : Takuma Iwakawa (Takuma.org / SugoiFiction)

(Twitter : @takumaiwakawa  Web site: https://takuma.org )

Takuma Iwakawa want to start new project with his idea for the musical world.  The idea is “We have to get more power from music & musical artists” and we must get new music tracks from musical scene easily who wants power like under sick, under pressure, under stress etc…

So, we wants POWERFUL MUSIC ! (^0~)9

If you have power for get great sentiment, please divide.

(オラにチカラを分けてくれ & 英語めちゃくちゃ間違っているかもだけど、許して。)

Thank you !!

Facebook : ForceEnergyRecords

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